MIAF, first held in 2012, has started to connect the presentity of Myeong-dong as the national and international NO. 1 tourist destination of Korea with the historicity of Myeong-dong as the center of culture and arts. Since then, MIAF, aiming for the globalization of K-Art, has established itself as the representative glocal art fair pursuing globality and localty simultaneously. MIAF makes its motto “K-Art to the World”, and tries to turn Myeong-dong into the hub of K-Art and the global culture-arts-tourism city by high-level exhibitions combined with arts and tourism through the collaboration between K-Art and K-Tourism. Furthermore, MIAF gives its best to grow and develop as the global art platform leading the globalization of K-Art.


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Insights 1Gokul Banquets, 14th June


Insights 2Singhi Palace, 15th June


Insights 327 Ballygunge Place, 16th June